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Additional services provided by Sucrocentro Additionally to the main water treatment and decontamination services we offer, we provide other related services.

We have developed an intelligent well, to extract freshwater in coastal areas, where water sources are prone to being contaminated with salt water.

Moreover, we have designed and patented a sanitary toilet which renders latrines obsolete. Its design and functionality dignifies the user, prevents illnesses, and allows for its use to happen in the interior of the user's home.

Furthermore, we provide consulting and training services on environmental topics, as well as on sanitary engineering. Our ample experience on this field allows us to explain effectively and precisely any question in that respect.


System for wells and perforations that surpass submersible pumps and other methods of extraction Coastal areas offer great potential for human development, through activities such as tourism, fishing, and farming, among others. The easy and economic access to potable water is vital for the growth and sustainability of said activities.

Being able to exploit underground water found in coastal areas in the immediacy of the sea is the most viable option for any business or person who establishes in this sort of areas. The water table sits closely to the surface, and the sandy soil indigenous to the coast does not present an obstacle to perforations.

But freshwater extraction becomes inefficient and costly due to said water table being in a very fragile equilibrium with the salt water table over which it rests. Turbulence caused by traditional extraction procedures results in fresh water being contaminated by the salt water underneath. Once extracted, water must undergo a desalinization process through highly sophisticated equipment, which represents a very high cost due to its initial investment, operation, and maintenance.

At Sucrocentro we have developed an extraction system -an intelligent well- that allows for the extraction of freshwater free of saline contamination. Afterwards, the only requirement is to pass the extracted water through suspended solids filter as well as through a process to eliminate bacterial contamination, to ensure its purity and quality as potable water.

The following link presents a letter on behalf of Agro Industrias e Inversiones certifying the good operation and performance of the intelligent well.

From each well, between 8 and 10 gallons per minute of water can be extracted in a continuous fashion 24 hours a day, in any time of the year.


Sanitray system that solves people's waste disposal needs in an integral manner In El Salvador, as well as in various other countries, there exists an immense number of families who live in poverty, without access to a sanitary service that meets even the minimum salubrity requirements. These families must carry out their physiological activities in a dehumanized and self contaminating manner, recurring to the use of latrines of all types.

Latrines are a huge point of infection and foul odor, and they become a haven for pests such as rats, cockroaches, and other disease carrying vectors.

Due to their foul smell, they must be installed far from user's dwellings, thus becoming impractical for their use by children, the elderly, or by people with disabilities, especially during night-time and during the rainy season.

A typical latrine from the rural areas of El Salvador Having access to a latrine entails a high investment, and in the case of the composting type, requires a highly unpleasant method of operation. We must insist: absolutely no type of latrine presents an appropriate solution for the disposal of human waste.

The SSeco System, created and patented by Sucrocentro, solves the human waste disposal problem in its entirety, surpassing all types of latrines in every respect. The advantages offered by the Sseco System are the following:

  • No foul odors are perceivable in the surrounding area of the system
  • The toilet does not become a focal point for infection nor a refuge for disease carrying vectors
  • It can be installed inside the user's home, small as it may be
  • Fecal matter bio-degrade before they are liberated into the top-soil, as an agricultural compost
  • Users do not self contaminate

The SSeco System has a seat styled after a modern urban toilet All of the points mentioned create a positive effect, by humanizing the individuals and families that use the toilet. Furthermore, the cost to implement the SSeco System is by far much lower than that of a latrine.

The following links show a compendium of various endorsements of the technique utilized for the SSeco System, a slideshow presentation, and a video in which the system is described in detail.

We invite NGO's and governmental institutions so that together we can resolve this problem in an appropriate manner, improving the quality of life of a large portion of the population in developing nations.

Contact us at or by phone at (503) 2270-3812 and (503) 2270-7355 (telefax)